TFstate solves the chicken and the egg problem of Terraform,
when you need Terraform for your remote state
to use Terraform remote state feature.

Safe & Secure

We apply best practices to keep your information safe.
We backup the files every time they are changed.
Versioning is enabled by default.
We encrypt every part of the application

Lock & Unlock

Our application supports lock & unlock Terrafrom remote state feature, making sure there is no collision when you are working in a team.
Force Unlock option exist in case of a broken Terraform run via the Web interface.

Saves Time

Stop wasting time on creating resources to put your remote state files.
When you are using our system you know exactly where they all are and what role each of them has.

Increase team collaboration

Avoid collisions and allow your team focus on their code.
All your team enjoys the benefits of Terraform remote state, keeping your work safe without collisions.
All you need to do when you onboard new employees is to create an user and they’ll will be up to date immediately.

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